"...and everything loose will land in Los Angeles"

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Okay Drake, you get a point. 

Okay Drake, you get a point. 

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Yup. Pretty much need this.

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OTP: Schmidt + pizza

Cheat Day!


Life – a short story.

Pretty much.

79 degrees by noon. Doesn’t look like Frosty’s complaining. (at Cape Coral, FL)

Chasing Florida sunset. #standardairplanephoto (at Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW))

Congrats to @marisabett and @coolwhipp for encouraging celebs to imbibe in proper fashion at 3am. And yay for gift bags! #goldenglobes @dogandaduck

Inspiration via hoodie.

My friends are hilarious.

Food in compartments. I friggin love food in compartments.

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READY! #fightfightfight

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Toomy Disco + my favorite soul track EVER = Mind the Gap (Band).

Post-beach workout breakfast: Noosa yoghurt, granola, bananas. #refueling (Taken with Instagram)